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If this is your first time, this is where you will be able to read some of my thoughts from my blogs, see some of the pictures I took, as well as review my DVD collection.  I've also added a Links page so that my friend's pages can be visited from here.  Feel free to drop me a note at boogiemannATgmailDOTcom.  If you wish to be linked from my page, you can email me too.

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Taipei 101
   (19) Pictures
Updated:11/2/2007 4:45:37 PM
Photos taken at Taipei 101 in 2007
Da Vinci 1.0 Stepper Motor Driver Replacement
  10/8/2015 5:24:17 PM

Recently, after about 5 months of using my Da Vinci 1.0, I started to run into some problems printing. The carriage seems to skip about 5mm or so in the X-Axis from time to time during printing. Sometimes this happens within the first few layers of print, which was not too bad. Sometimes it happens hours into the print. When this happens, a loud rattling sound comes out of the stepper motor. For stock firmware printers, you might see error code 0030. Perhaps I will continue this story in another post... (read more)
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